Stepping outside the Box.

We love trying new food combinations and sending our palate on a roller-coaster ride of flavors. We love that risk-taking feeling of going out of our comfort zone and diving into a new dish. That’s what we have done. I have to admit I personally couldn’t stand the taste of bell peppers, no matter what color, until about a year ago. If I could taste or see them in my food, my meal would be over at that point. I’d go pop a bag of popcorn, make a cocktail, and call it day. However, like with most things, you have to move outside of your comfort zone and find a way to make it work for you.
For the last year that’s what we did. We tried different combinations and pairings and began to understand how the different color of the peppers brought different flavors to each meal. Experimenting on when to add them to a dish so they melded with the other flavors and didn’t completely take over the dish. We experienced how the flavor changes when you roast a pepper versus sautéing it, what foods paired up well, and some other flavor combinations to completely avoid. We all have that recipe or two from our childhood nightmare kitchen disasters that scarred our palates for life (goulash anyone? MAJOR YUCK!).  In the end, I found that bell peppers are definitely my friends. So if you have a food you don’t think you like, try it several ways until you find something that works for you. I missed out on a lot of great meals over the years by refusing to try them for fear of that overpowering bell pepper flavor. Now, I’m still weary when I see them, but I just choose to try it anyway. Now, as for pickles and olives. . . We’re are not there yet. . .

Here is a simple dish with a bell peppers that just complement each other tremendously.
Beautiful Sunset

Mango Chicken Wrap

1/2 Cup Mayonnaise
1/2 Cup Finely Chopped Mango (Frozen works great)
2 Tablespoons Red Curry Sauce
1/8 Teaspoon ground red pepper
2 Cups Chopped Cooked Chicken (rotisserie or leftovers)
1/2 Cup Chopped Red Bell Pepper
1/4 Cup Chopped Onion
Flour Tortillas
Mixed Red Leaf Lettuce


Combine mayonnaise, mango, curry, chicken and red pepper in a medium bowl.
On a tortilla add a small amount of lettuce
Add about a ? cup of the chicken mixture making a straight line down the center.
Top with onions, and bell peppers and serve.


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