Frustrated days can be the base for beautiful recipes.

Ever had that day where you felt like punching something? We all have at some point or another. Psychologists say you should, of course, do something more productive, like smashing an ice cube against a wall or punching your pillow. I say the heck with that! Put your gloves on and duke it out in the kitchen. . with your oven mitts, that is. It’s amazing the calming effect cooking can have on a person. Think about it. You can chop your frustrations away on an onion and cry at the same time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. I know I have pounded, I mean kneaded, some dough a time or two. Who needs ice cubes or pillows? Whip up some bread dough and beat it to submission.
In all seriousness, there have been times where frustration, anger, and lack of a stiff drink have brought about some of our best recipes. I think it has to do with the desire to remove yourself from the current state of mind and be someplace else. At that point, you can be anyone you want, like a famous TV or celebrity chef or just a different you. It’s times like these that we can almost reach into ourselves and find the missing ingredient to what were working on. Realizing a pinch of salt or a tad more garlic and you just turned that dish in to a 5-star restaurant showpiece. Having any sort of nonviolent outlet is great, especially if you can share it with someone. Best of all, laugh like Tracy Todd says in her blog “I have learned that the best medicine to ease any negative emotion and most especially frustration is humour.”

Grab some friends for laughs and a good Sangria


1 Bottle Inexpensive Sweet Red Wine
1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Triple Sec
2 Large Oranges
1 Large Lemon
1 Can Lemon Lime Drink


Pour wine Into large pitcher (we use large, refillable refrigerator-style water jug)
Add sugar, Triple Sec, and the juice of one orange
Mix until all sugar dissolves
Slice remaining orange and lemon into disks, and add to pitcher
Add soda
Chill  and serve in glasses over ice



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3 responses to “Frustrated days can be the base for beautiful recipes.

  1. Thank you for mentioning me in your blog. I’m privileged! I am most definitely going to get my care assistant to make me a jug of your Sangria which I will share with friends whilst enjoying a good hearty chuckle. Cheers to you!

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