Manly Housewife Good Morning Coffee

It’s Monday morning, and it’s one of those mornings where the world just seems to be a step behind. I can’t figure out how to get out of first gear. It’s one of those mornings when a regular cup of coffee won’t be near enough to motivate and inspire me. I need to spice it up, get the creative juices flowing, and maybe get out of this Monday morning funk. Don’t those days when you can’t wake up just drive you bonkers? I mean, I would be able to understand if it had been a heavy night of drinking, but there wasn’t even a single glass of wine to blame. Although perhaps that’s the problem; maybe a glass of wine last night would have yielded a better sleep and I would now be fully refreshed. But who can have just one glass of wine? I mean come on. . .

On mornings such as these, where I just can’t get going,  I make a quick, wonderful cup of coffee that would also be perfect as an afternoon, pick-me-up treat or as late-night, after-dinner dessert.

Manly Housewife Good Morning Coffee


1 Coffee Cup, filled ¾ full of fresh-brewed coffee

½ Hot Chocolate Mix

Nutmeg (I use fresh nutmeg and shave it in the coffee with a grater 2 or 3 times)

¼ Tablspoon of Cinnamon

½ Tablespoon Sugar

Milk (optional)

Whip Cream (optional)


1. Fill coffee cup three-quarters full with fresh-brewed coffee.

2. Add hot chocolate mix, cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg, and milk, and stir.

3. Top with whip cream and dust with hot chocolate then enjoy!



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5 responses to “Manly Housewife Good Morning Coffee

  1. Mmm – I think I am doing this tomorrow morning.

  2. now that does sound wonderful!!!

  3. I’m all about the morning coffee. And the noontime coffee. And the evening coffee. 🙂 I like your spice mix! The photo says it all – java-yum. Gotta dash. Time to make the coffee…

    ~ Cleo

  4. Holy moly. This is unbelievably delicious.

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