The Manly Housewife idea evolved around the shift we see today in the kitchen. More and more men are taking over the role as family cook. It is more than JUST about men in the kitchen (although that’s how we got our name). It’s about life and how taking a chance in the kitchen correlates with taking a chance in life. It’s about overcoming fear in the kitchen by trying new recipes, new products, and unique flavor combinations and how that helps you take those same steps every day in everything you do. Join us on our journey as we take you to the kitchen and beyond.

Recipes for all walks of life: in-home recipes, outdoor grill recipes, healthy recipes, kids’ recipes, camp food and camping recipes, budget-friendly recipes, and all stuff in-between.

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One response to “About

  1. James W. Rosenthal

    I believe that the Manly Housewife will go far. I love to cook and I have come up with some fine tasting and sometimes some strange tasting dishes. Good Luck.

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